I specialize in lengthy, immersive BDSM experiences, cathartic pain, deep listening, sensory awareness through sensory deprivation, connection with the four elements through BDSM, fetishism, understanding of the Goddess & your rightful position at Her feet, high protocol, gender exploration, and confession/redemption. If you‘re a quick novelty seeker we will most likely not connect. BDSM, art and spirituality are enmeshed in the way I approach this path.

I believe all risk aware consensual explorations are valid, beautiful and have an important personal and social impact. We are cultural warriors! I have admittedly pretentious, lofty views on the art of BDSM. I’m willing to educate novices, but not entertain foolishness or disrespect. 

I like playing with all genders, couples, one-on-one and in “family” groups.