I specialize in lengthy, immersive BDSM experiences, cathartic pain, deep listening, sensory awareness through sensory deprivation, connection with the four elements through BDSM, fetishism, understanding of the Goddess & your rightful position at Her feet, high protocol, gender exploration, and confession/redemption. If you‘re a quick novelty seeker we will most likely not connect. BDSM, art and spirituality are enmeshed in the way I approach this path.

I believe all risk aware consensual explorations are valid, beautiful and have an important personal and social impact. We are cultural warriors! I have admittedly pretentious, lofty views on the art of BDSM. I’m willing to educate novices, but not entertain foolishness or disrespect. 

I like playing with all genders, couples, one-on-one and in “family” groups. 

It is My preference to play with full transparency. No hiding. This includes a preference for openness for bottoms with their loved ones or partner/s, though I understand Wwe live in a stigmatizing society and this is not always possible.

I am a proud member of the Servitus Family and a loyal tribalist. I believe in the sanctity of the BDSM chosen Ffamily. I was trained traditionally by Domina Angelina and continue on this BDSM journey with Her in adoration and gratitude. I’m a member of the activist organization Dominatrixes Against Donald with Our founder Tara Indiana and co-founder of the social activist arts organization The Sidewalk Project. Both organizations do work with and for the sex worker community each in their own way. I also represent the BDSM community through My visual art which can frequently be seen with My art collective Punk Rock & Paintbrushes.

Intrinsic to everything I do, and how I do it, is Buddhist meditation practice. I believe Buddhism and BDSM share the same qualities. I approach BDSM from the perspective of mindfulness practice-an emphasis on somatic experience and nonjudgmental present time awareness. It’s a joy to practice! If you want to learn more about Me I suggest you take some time to engage with My social media before reaching out. My attention and time are valuable. I expect you to do your homework before approaching Me.

If you care about a slow, deep exploration of the shadows with a desire for shared transformative experience, you may send Me a respectful inquiry. Otherwise, keep wandering.


“I am completely uninterested in your satisfaction. But you can dream.”


Goddess Soma AKA Soma Snakeoil has been a world renowned pro &  lifestyle Dominatrix, fetish model, smut producer, writer and performance artist for 15 years. She's created hundreds of videos, been shot by some of the world’s top photographers and been featured in kink magazines like Hustler's Taboo, websites like Kink.com and was filmed by Zulman King of the Red Shoe Diaries for HBO. Her film Rubber Bordello, which she wrote, directed, and produced, won three AVNs and a Feminist Porn Award.

During her career, she has owned dungeons, trained Dommes, and was a big part of the international BDSM community where she’s taught classes on erotic discipline, cuckolding, and “How to be a Goddess”. 

You can read about some of Goddess Soma’s notorious exploits in New York Times Best Seller “The Hepatitis Bathtub”. Goddess Soma has gotten sober since the mischief documented in “Hepatitis Bathtub” and taken up a daily meditation practice, and is studying Buddhism at Against the Stream. She trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) with a mindfulness focus at La Maida Institute in Los Angeles and does continued personal reading on psychology, and body/mind traditions.

She is currently a working artist, Dominatrix and social activist that focuses on issues for the unhoused, sex workers and drug users. She is in the process of adding a harm reduction / Narcan program to The Sidewalk Project, the street based arts organization she cofounded